11 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Call Out of Work

We also conducted in-depth interviews with over 250 of our survey-takers. Macy’s, Wayfair, Ford, and Citigroup are among the other companies who have already announced layoffs this year. This leaves many reasons to call out of work workers in a state of uncertainty, waiting to find out if they’re next to be cut. A good night’s sleep is important for our overall health, but sometimes our work schedules don’t allow for that.

  • If you can find somewhere else to set up shop, that’s great, but bad weather often affects businesses all around you, leaving you stuck at home.
  • When she’s not writing, she’s usually planning trips to remote locations and stalking animals on social media.
  • When you don’t show up for an appointment, you might miss out on important advice from your doctor.
  • Plus, it gives you time to adjust to your new surroundings and settle in your new place.
  • Being in an accident is a cause for concern to anyone, and your boss is no exception.
  • Once it’s been established that no one will be able to drive you home from the hospital, contact your employer and explain what happened.

This is a good excuse if you work from home because of a power outage similar to an internet outage but localized to your area. For example, back in 2003, there was a massive power outage that affected the entire Northeast of Canada and the USA. Mind you, this doesn’t happen every day, and back in 2003, most people were not working from home. It’s been multiple years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and millions have missed work because of the virus. Even though some of the hysteria has died, the virus is still actively infecting people.

Pet Emergency

A family emergency is always a compelling reason to call out of work. People are understanding more about emergencies that happen in the family than any other type of emergency. Be sure to let your boss know ahead of time if you think there’s a chance that you might need an emergency day, and be honest with them about what the emergency is. While this is not included in the common reasons to call out of work, it’s okay to admit that you need a break to rest and recharge. You can talk to your boss to request leave and explain your feelings.

In the realm of work absences, mental health days are increasingly recognized as valid and necessary. More than just a modern concept, these are days set aside for mental wellness and self-care. Just as you would take a day off to recover from a physical illness, a mental health day offers time to rest and recharge your mental and emotional batteries. It’s an acknowledgment that mental and emotional exhaustion can be just as debilitating as physical fatigue.

Someone else is sick

This could include working outside of regular hours or on a weekend, depending on your employer’s policies and your own personal circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances can be stressful, and it’s crucial to remember to take care of yourself during such situations. Whether you’re dealing with a personal emergency, a car breakdown, or an unexpected illness, it’s essential to manage your stress effectively. Employers typically https://remotemode.net/ understand that such circumstances are beyond an employee’s control and can excuse an unplanned absence as the best excuse to call out of work. However, it’s crucial to inform your employer about the situation as soon as possible and to communicate clearly about when you can be expected to return to work. Remember, the key lies in maintaining transparency and professionalism, even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

reasons to call out of work

A migraine is another good excuse for missing a full day of work with only a small chance you’ll be questioned about it, since most managers know how severe migraines can be. Migraines usually go away eventually, with or without treatment, so you can simply go into work the next day and say, “I’m feeling much better, thank you,” if anyone asks. For the reasons above, a migraine is a good excuse to miss work, especially on short notice. If your boss questions or doubts you at all, just say that you can barely look into the light and that you’re lying down in the dark right now as you make this phone call.

Believable Excuses to Call Out of Work Last Minute

They are less likely to deny your request or get you in trouble if they feel like you’re in an urgent situation. Illness is a reoccurring theme for a list of excuses to miss work, but for a good reason. It can be used if you work in an office, a store, a construction site, or while working from home.

I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for [Date and Time], and I’ll need to take some time off work to attend. I understand it might be inconvenient, but I wanted to ensure you were aware so we could plan accordingly. I would like to request [number of days] days off, starting from [start date] to [end date]. I will care for myself and seek professional help if necessary. Prioritizing your health, especially mental health before any well-balanced individual practices work. Taking a day off to give yourself time and practicing self-love is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

How to Prepare for a Recession as an Employee

Anyone who’s ever had a pet knows how upsetting it is when your best friend is sick. They also know that certain situations require immediate action. While most employers understand the need to care for a sick pet, it’s important to be professional and adhere to company policies when requesting time off.

reasons to call out of work

But forgetting that you had to go to work or had a shift to attend points, once again, to bad planning. Your best bet, in this case, would be to come up with another excuse or apologize profusely. Internet outages can prevent remote workers from completing tasks and may require taking a few hours or even a full day off of work.